• Lanai County

    The Lanai Visitors is responsible for marketing the island of Lanai. The VisitLanai blog will cover many aspects of a visit to Lanai island. Whether you arrive by air or sea, the island has a way of touching your very soul the moment you lay eyes on it. The land and sea beg to be explored and the offerings are as bountiful as your energy.
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Welcome to Visit Lanai Blog

Lanai island is accessible via frequent air from the islands of  Maui and Oahu. There is daily ferry service from the Lahaina Harbor in Maui to the Manele Bay Harbor on Lanai. With two world-class resorts, a charming B&B, and golf course, celebrated chefs, professional staff, abundant land, sea, and air activities – Lanai is a great choice for unforgettable vacations. Whether you are coming for an outdoor adventure, family reunion, special birthday, a romantic getaway, or destination wedding, Lanai is sure to please.